Work. Life. Mom.

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It’s all about finding balance.

Not just on this brand new blog. But in life in general. Scheduling out a few minutes a day to get things done I want to do, not just those I have to do is easier said than done. Often, it doesn’t happen. I’m okay with that most of the time. Other days it hits me hard. I miss life when it was less complicated.

work life mom

My daughter and I

Then I look at my sweet daughter’s face and know I’d never want to go back to that old version of myself ever again.

Motherhood. It’s filled with all the feels. And complicated ones, at that.

I’m also self-employed and run a writing and editing business. I have a babysitter sometimes. My in-laws watch my girl sometimes. But it all doesn’t add up to enough hours at the computer, putting fingers to keyboard, and making that money.

We’re struggling.

But we’re getting up every day and making things happen and I guess that’s something.

And that’s what inspired me to make this new blog community. About work. About life. About being a mom. And most of all, about bringing it all together to make for a not-so harmonious existence.

We make do.

What does this all mean for you, dear reader?

I’ll be sharing things that have helped me sort out this impossible balance. Tools, tips, and tricks. Rants. The occasional recipe or craft project. Plenty of photos of my family of course (with maybe a cat or two). And above all else, I hope to foster a place where other working moms can hang and talk about what concerns them.

Let’s prevent each other from going crazy!