Things Accomplished: 1st Birthday Edition

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Things Accomplished So Far Today:

  • Didn’t laugh when September gave an old dude her “You’re weird” stare down.
  • Took her to the park.
  • She kept her shoes on for 15 minutes!
  • I chased her up the big toy.
  • She got mad when I wouldn’t let her crawl off through a tunnel.
  • We went down two different slides together.
  • We found a ball at the park. This was cause for much amusement.
  • I took several photos of this outing.

Things Not Accomplished:

  • My phone reading my SD card.
  • Not throwing my phone across the room.
  • Getting my phone to work properly.
  • Enough client work.
  • Uploading aforementioned photos.
  • Any sort of cleaning.